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Welcome to the Seismological Observatory.

Presently a Trillium triaxial broadband sensor with 120 seconds period is deployed in the vault..

The data is being acquired in continuous mode with 100 samples per second.

About the Test Facility  


The seismological observatory was founded in early 1970s to cater for the recording of earthquake signals in the Ganga foredeep. The basement depth here is approximately 3000 m below the seismological observatory. The observatory is situated near the junction of north east rock sequence of the Himalayan orogenic belt and the area is covered with quaternary alluvial deposits of the Indo Gangetic plains and is about 25 km south of Himalayan Frontal Fault.

Northeast direction of crustal shortening is reported in the nearby areas. North of the Roorkee Seismological observatory lies the Ganga Tear, a conspicuous transverse fault along which nontectonic activity is evident.

Research Highlights